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Sumita Dave


Backache leading to spondylosis is a common problem faced by many young office going people. Improper lifestyle, sitting posture & long work hours in office result in such health problems.

neville m patel

Myself Neville M Patel, aged 30, working with Godrej from last 7 years have also faced the same problem of lower backache 3months before. Signs of starting of deformation of L4-5 vertebra ( Lumbar Spondylosis ) were seen in x-ray taken at factory dispensary. I was then directed to physiotherapy center “ Tanushree” at Ghatkopar (w) by my office colleague who earlier suffered same problem. My treatment started under the supervision of Dr. Sunita Dave. Today I have almost recovered in a short time and thanks to the treatment designed ( customized & tailor made for my case ) by (Mrs.) Dr S. Dave @ “Tanushree”.
I would like to share & recommend this new method of treatment given to me in different stages which is totally different from conventional exercises given in physio-centers which takes pretty long time to cure such problems. However this tailor made treatment for lower backache really worked wonders in a short span of 3-4 months.

The various stages of this tailor made treatment ( for my case ) were as follows :-

Stage 1: YOGA
Following asana proved to be very beneficial in recovering from any sort of Back problems. 5-10 breaths for 5 rounds of each asana are recommended
Utthita Ekpadasana, Ardh pawan mukhtasana, Dhronasana, Uttana Vakrasana, Uttana Tadasana, Marjarasana, Poorva Bhujangasana, Bhujangasana, Ardh-salabhasana, Makrasana, Chakrasana, Dwipadasana, Shavasana
These asanas should be learnt under supervision from a proper person ( in my case it was Dr. Sunita Dave ) and to be made a part of daily routine. Apart from curing spinal problems, they also ensure general physical & psychological wellbeing of a person.

Stage 2 : Exercises involving leg movements using thera-band loop were then added to the above yogic exercises. A gap of min 1 hr needs to be kept bet’n yoga and physical exercises

Stage 3: Exercises with cross-leg movements to strengthen back and ab muscles were added to stage 2.
Above all, the yogic asanas picked and choosed ( tailor made to the problem ) have proved to be very beneficial and shown quick results. Apart from that TENS & Short wave diathermy (SWD) were also given initially to relieve the pain. However, my problem was cured without any form medication. I would be glad to recommend these for the benefits of other colleagues/ friends in future.

Best Regards,
Neville M. Patel
Mb no: +91-9820054744

Parents from Kolkata

We had come to Mumbai in May 2009, because of lack of any pediatric physiotherapist back home in Kolkata, then our son was 1 year old and had neck control and supported sitting.

We saw Dr. (Mrs) zzzz zzzzzzz (name removed), she said with intensive therapy our son will walk in 6 months, thus we rented an apartment and stayed back in Mumbai.

Our son was taking 5 therapy session daily from her for 6 months all he learnt was how to sit on his own. Whenever we used to remind her about her promise she used to say us that she can make our son walk but then he will bang his head anywhere, he requires a helmet etc.

God only sent us to Dr. Sunita Dave in September 2009, and on the very first day Dr. Dave told us that he should walking by now and that she will make him walk in another 6 months. And she did that. Our son started walking in five and half months. He learnt proper sitting, crawling, sit to stand. He went to playhouse. He also took part in the Annual Concert of the playhouse. She always gave us courage to deal with these tough times.

Both me and my wife’s worst nightmare was over to see our son walk. All thanks to Dr. Dave. She is Godsend for us.

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